Alaw firm specializes in the issuance of insurance policies covering large commercial real estate projects. The projects fall into two categories: shopping centers, and medical complexes. The typical work involved in each transaction is quite predictable and repetitive. The time requirements (unit loads) for preparing a standard con-tract of each type are given in Table 5.8. Also listed are the number of professionals of each type and the number of available hours per professional per day (the rest of time is taken by other office activities):
For the month of November, 2010, the firm has generated the 150 orders, 75 of each type. Assume one month equals 20 days.
a. What is the effective capacity of the process (con-tracts per day)?
b. Can the company process all 150 cases in November?
c. If the firm wishes to process all the 150 cases avail-able in November, how many professionals of each type are needed?

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