Question: Allison Hopkins has her own chain of music stores Hopkins

Allison Hopkins has her own chain of music stores, Hopkins’ Music. Her stores sell musical instruments, sheet music, and other related items. Music lessons and instrument repair are also offered through the stores. Hopkins’ Music also has a website that sells music merchandise. Hopkins’ Music has a staff of 80 people working in six departments: Sales, Repairs, Lessons, Web Development, Accounting, and Human Resources. Each department has its own manager.
1. For each of the six departments, describe at least one decision/action for each of the four stages of management (planning, directing, controlling, and decision making). Prepare a table similar to the following for your answer:
2. For each of the decisions/actions you described in Part 1, identify what information is needed for that decision/action. Specify whether that information would be generated by the financial accounting system or the managerial accounting system at Hopkins’ Music.

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