Answer the following questions using the annual report of Colgate
Answer the following questions using the annual report of Colgate in Appendix A.

a. For 2009, 2010, and 2011 identify Colgate's (1) tax payment/obligation if it paid the statutory tax rate, (2) tax provision made in the books, and (3) the actual tax payment/obligation. Broadly quantify how Colgate's statu tory tax payment differs from its actual tax payment. Also explain why these differences occur.
b. What is Colgate's effective tax rate for each of the three years? Why is it different from its statutory tax rate? Explain at least one of these differences in detail.
c. What is Colgate's tax provision? Why is it different from its tax obligation/payment?
d. You are in the process of forecasting Colgate's income for the next year. What tax rate would you apply to your forecast and why? (Come up with a rate if possible.)
e. Examine Colgate's deferred tax assets and liabilities. Explain why they arise in general. Provide a detailed explanation of how at least two of the deferred assets/liabilities arise and "guess" at the approximate duration over which these assets/liabilities are expected to reverse.
f. Examine the “movement” in the deferred tax assets/liabilities between 2011 and 2010 and explain the major changes.

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