Anthony Leung opens a retail store called The Bead Shop. During the first month of operation, Anthony makes the following accounting transactions:
1. Invests $100,000 in cash in the business
2. Buys $50,000 worth of equipment on credit he obtained from the bank
3. Buys $60,000 worth of goods from different suppliers, pays $30,000 in cash, and puts the rest on credit
4. Spends $5,000 in cash for advertising
5. Sells $20,000 worth of goods on credit
6. Pays $15,000 in cash for salaries
7. Pays $10,000 to the bank toward the loan
8. Pays $5,000 to a supplier
9. Pays $13,000 for some merchandise that he had purchased on credit
10. Pays a salary of $3,000

Prepare the following:
1. The journal entries
2. The ledgers
3. The trial balance

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