Approximate the median of the frequency distribution in Problem 1.
Weight (grams) .... Number of Babies (thousands)
0-999 ........ 30
1000-1999 ...... 97
2000-2999 ....... 935
3000-3999 ....... 2698
4000-4999 ....... 344
5000-5999 ....... 5
Use the following steps to approximate the median from grouped data.
Approximating the Median from Grouped Data
Step I Construct a cumulative frequency distribution.
Step 2 Identify the class in which the median lies. Remember, the median can be obtained by determining the observation that lies in the middle.
Step 3 Interpolate the median using the formula
L is the lower class limit of the class containing the median
n is the number of data values in the frequency distribution
CF is the cumulative frequency of the class immediately preceding the class containing the median
f is the frequency of the median class
i is the class width of the class containing the median

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