Question: BluePeace org is a new environmental group that has decided that is a new environmental group that has decided that the Internet is the best and most efficient way to spend its time and money to advance its environmental causes. To draw attention to its websites, comes up with catchy Internet domain names. One is, another is exxonvaldezesseals. org, and another is general The macyswearus. org website first shows beautiful women dressed in mink fur coats sold by Macy’s Department Stores and then goes into graphic photos of minks being slaughtered, skinned, and made into the coats. The website first shows a beautiful, pristine bay in Alaska, with the Exxon Valdez oil tanker quietly sailing through the waters. Then it shows photos of the ship breaking open and spewing forth oil, followed by seals who are covered with oil, suffocating and dying on the shoreline. The website shows a General Motors automobile involved in normal crash tests with dummies, followed by photographs of automobile accident scenes where people and children lay bleeding and dying after an accident involving General Motors automobiles. Macy’s Inc., the ExxonMobil Corporation, and the General Motors Corporation sue for violating the federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). Who wins? Has acted unethically in this case?

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