Bob’s Nissan and Toyota dealership is suffering from a severe decline in the number of car sales. Bob decides to test two approaches to sales. He randomly assigns his 12 salesmen to two groups. He then trains one group to use the “hard sell” approach and the other to use the “soft sell” approach so that he can determine which method is more effective.
a. What would be the nature of the study that would be designed - Exploratory, descriptive, or hypothesis-testing?
b. Give reasons for your answer to (a) above.
c. Would it be a Field study, Comparative study, Lab experiment or Field experiment?
d. Would it be a causal or correlational study?
e. Justify the reasons for your answer to (d).
f. Would it be a longitudinal or cross-sectional study?
g. How would you explain your answer to (f) above? h. What would be the unit of analysis?
i. Defend your answer to (h) above.

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