Question: Childhood participation in sports cultural groups and youth groups appears

Childhood participation in sports, cultural groups, and youth groups appears to be related to improved self-esteem for adolescents (McGee, Williams, Howden-Chapman, Martin, & Kawachi, 2006). In a representative study, a sample of n = 100 adolescents with a history of group participation is given a standardized self-esteem questionnaire. For the general population of adolescents, scores on this questionnaire form a normal distribution with a mean of µ = 50 and a standard deviation of s = 15. The sample of group-participation adolescents had an average of µ = 53.8.
a. Does this sample provide enough evidence to conclude that self-esteem scores for these adolescents are significantly different from those of the general population? Use a two-tailed test with a = .05.
b. Compute Cohen's d to measure the size of the difference.
c. Write a sentence describing the outcome of the hypothesis test and the measure of effect size as it would appear in a research report.

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