Choose the right word for each sentence 1 The audit
Choose the right word for each sentence.
1. The audit revealed a small (amount, number) of errors.
2. Diet beverages have (fewer, less) calories than regular drinks.
3. In her speech, she (implied, inferred) that the vote would be close.
4. We need to redesign the stand so that the catalog is eye-level instead of (laying, lying) on the desk.
5. (Their, There, They’re) is some evidence that (their, there, they’re) thinking of changing (their, there, they’re) policy.
6. The settlement isn’t yet in writing; if one side wanted to back out of the (oral, verbal) agreement, it could.
7. In (affect, effect), we’re creating a new department.
8. The firm will be hiring new (personal, personnel) in three departments this year.
9. Several customers have asked that we carry more campus merchandise, (i.e., e.g.,) pillows and mugs with the college seal.
10. We have investigated all of the possible solutions (accept, except) adding a turning lane.

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