Classify each of the following activities as planning controlling evaluating
Classify each of the following activities as planning, controlling, evaluating, or decision making.
a. A corporate chef prepares a menu and shopping list for the upcoming board of directors meeting.
b. The human resources manager reviews the monthly payroll report and identifies departments that paid overtime to workers.
c. The production supervisor notices that the pressure in a sauerkraut fermenting vat is too high and opens the release valve to lower the pressure.
d. The marketing director considers whether to offer a $0.50 coupon or a $0.75 coupon through a direct mail campaign.
e. At the end of the coupon campaign, the marketing director determines the number of coupons redeemed and the additional unit sales achieved through the campaign.
f. The sales manager prepares the sales forecast for the coming year.
g. The divisional vice president determines which employees should receive a performance bonus.

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