Classify each of the following costs as fixed or variable a
Classify each of the following costs as fixed or variable:
a. Credit card transaction fee paid by retailer—$0.20 per transaction plus 2% of the sales amount
b. Yearly salaries paid to marketing staff
c. Gasoline used to drive company shuttle
d. Syrup used by an ice cream parlor
e. Property tax on an electronics factory
f. Annual contract for company landscaping
g. Boxes used to package computer components at Dell
h. Wages paid to hourly retail staff at the company store
i. Annual web hosting fee for company website
j. Cost of coffee sold at Starbucks
k. Monthly lease payment on branch office
l. Straight-line depreciation on production equipment
m. Rental car fees for company business travelers—contract billed at $0.25 per kilometer
n. Commissions paid to the sales staff—7% of sales revenue
o. Cost of paint used at an auto body shop
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