Question: Coke would like to perform a blind taste test of

Coke would like to perform a blind taste test of its cola vs. the cola from its biggest competitor, Pepsi. To conduct this test, 24 individuals were randomly selected, asked to taste one unmarked cola, and to rate it on a scale of 1– 10. The individuals were then asked to do the same for the other unmarked cola. The results are shown in the Excel file taste test. xlsx.
a. Using α = 0.10, perform a hypothesis test to determine if a difference exists between the average scores for these two colas.
b. Construct a 90% confidence interval to estimate the average difference in scores between these two colas.
c. Verify your results using Excel or PHStat.
d. Identify the p value and interpret the result.
e. What assumptions need to be made in order to perform this procedure?

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