Collins was a sales repreentative of Donzi Marine Corp Donzi
Collins was a sales repreentative of Donzi Marine Corp. (Donzi), a builder of light speedboats. Collins met Wallach, the owner of a retail boat outlet, at a marine trade show. Collins of-fered him a Donzi dealership, which would include the right to purchase and then market Donzi speedboats. Wallach tendered a check for $ 50,000 to Collins. Col-lins accepted the check, but neither party ever signed a written contract. Wallach ordered several boats. Donzi terminated the dealership because it had found another boat dealer willing to pay more for the franchise. Wallach sued Donzi for breach of contract. Is the contract enforceable under the UCC? Wallach Marine Corp. v. Donzi Marine Corp., 675 F. Supp. 838, 1987 U. S. Dist. Lexis 11762 (United States District Court for the South-ern District of New York)
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