Consumer Reports measures owner satisfaction of various automobiles by asking the survey question, "Considering factors such as price, performance, reliability, comfort and enjoyment, would you purchase this automobile if you had it to do all over again?" (Consumer Reports website, January 2009). Sample data for 300 owners of four popular midsize sedans are as follows.
a. Conduct a test of independence to determine if the owner's intent to purchase again is independent of the automobile. Use a .05 level of significance. What is your conclusion?
b. Consumer Reports provides an owner satisfaction score for each automobile by reporting the percentage of owners who would purchase the same automobile if they could do it all over again. What are the Consumer Reports owner satisfaction scores for the Chevrolet Impala, Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry? Rank the four automobiles in terms of owner satisfaction.
c. Twenty-three different automobiles were reviewed in the Consumer Reports midsize sedan class. The overall owner satisfaction score for all automobiles in this class was 69. How do the United States manufactured automobiles (Impala and Taurus) compare to the Japanese manufactured automobiles (Accord and Camry) in terms of owner satisfaction? What is the implication of these findings on the future market share for these automobiles?

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