Question: Conversational but Professional Your Task Revise the following

Conversational but Professional

Your Task.
Revise the following statements to make the tone conversational yet professional.
a. As per your recent request, the undersigned is happy to inform you that we are sending you forthwith the brochures you requested.
b. Pursuant to your letter of the 12th, please be advised that your shipment was sent June 9.
c. BTW, Amy was pretty ticked off because the manager accused her of ripping off office supplies.
d. Hey, Sam! Look, I need you to pound on Lisa so we can drop this budget thingy in her lap.
e. Kindly be informed that your vehicle has been determined to require corrective work.
f. He didn’t have the guts to badmouth her 2 her face.
g. The undersigned respectfully reminds affected individuals that employees desirous of changing their health plans must do so before December 30.

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