Question: Crawford Pharmaceuticals has developed a new drug Vaxidene The target

Crawford Pharmaceuticals has developed a new drug, Vaxidene. The target amount for a single dose of Vaxidene is 100 mg. Patients can receive as little as 98 mg or as much as 102 mg without experiencing any ill effects. Because of potential liability issues, Crawford has determined that it is imperative that manufacturing be able to provide Six Sigma quality levels. At present, the manufacturing process has a process mean of 100 mg and a standard deviation of 0.25 mg.
a. What are the upper and lower tolerance limits for Vaxidene?
b. Is Crawford's manufacturing process currently able to meet the dosage specifications at least 99.7% of the time? Show your work.
c. What would the standard deviation for the process have to be in order for Crawford to achieve Six Sigma quality levels?

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