Do the e commerce success factors listed in figure guarantee suc
Do the e-commerce success factors listed in figure guarantee success for an e-commerce business venture? Give a few examples of what else could go wrong and how you would confront such challenges.
e-Commerce Success Factors
• Selection and Value. Attractive product selections, competitive prices, satisfaction guarantees, and customer support after the sale.
• Performance and Service. Fast and easy navigation, shopping, and purchasing, and prompt shipping and delivery.
• Look and Feel. Attractive Web storefront, Web site shopping areas, multimedia product catalog pages, and shopping features.
• Advertising and Incentives. Targeted Web page advertising and e-mail promotions, discounts, and special offers, including advertising at affiliate sites.
• Personal Attention. Personal Web pages, personalized product recommendations, Web advertising and e-mail notices, and interactive support for all customers.
• Community Relationships. Virtual communities of customers, suppliers, company representatives, and others via newsgroups, chat rooms, and links to related sites.
• Security and Reliability. Security of customer information and Web site transactions, trustworthy product information, and reliable order fulfillment.
• Great Customer Communication. Easy-to-find contact information, online order status, product support specialists.

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