Question: Each of the following paragraphs contains errors in grammar spelling

Each of the following paragraphs contains errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Which errors does your spelling or grammar checker catch? Which errors does it miss? Does it flag as errors any words that are correct?
a. Answer to an Inquiry
Enclosed are the tow copies you requested of our pamphlet, “Using the Internet to market Your products. The pamphelt walks you through the steps of planning the Home Page (The first page of the web cite, shows examples of other web pages we have designed, and provide a questionaire that you can use to analyze audience the audience and purposes.”
b. Performance Appraisal
Most staff accountants complete three audits a month. Ellen has completed 21 audits in this past six months she is our most productive staff accountant. Her technical skills our very good however some clients feel that she could be more tactful in suggesting ways that the clients accounting practices could be improved.
c. Brochure
Are you finding that being your own boss crates it’s own problems? Take the hassle out of working at home with a Voicemail Answering System. Its almost as good as having your own secratary.
d. Presentation Slide
How to Create a Web Résumé
Omit home address and phone number
Use other links only if they help an employer evaluate you.
Be Professional.
Carefully craft and proof read the phrase on the index apage.

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