Each Triam Deluxe computer system consists of two speakers, a monitor, a system unit, a keyboard, and an installation kit. These pieces are packed together and shipped as a complete kit. In MRP terms, all of these items are level 1 items that make the level 0 kits. Complete the MRP records, using the following information:
• Production plans for complete kits are as follows:
Start assembling 2,500 kits in week 2
Start assembling 3,000 kits in weeks 3, 4, and 5
Start assembling 2,000 kits in week 6
• The gross requirements for the system unit have already been given to you. For the remaining items, you will need to figure out the gross requirements.
• All scheduled receipts, lead times, and beginning inventory levels are shown.
System unit: Lead time = 1 week; Minimum order quantity = 1

Speakers: Lead time = 1 week; Minimum order quantity = 5,000

CD-ROM drives: Lead time = 6 weeks; Minimum order quantity = 5,000

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