Question: Eelbode who applied for a job at the Travelers Inn

Eelbode, who applied for a job at the Travelers Inn, was required to take a preemployment physical exam. He was sent to the Chec Medical Center. As part of his physical, he met with Grothe, a physical therapist, who put him through certain tests involving bending exercises in which he had to use his back and his knees. Prior to the physical, he was required to sign a document releasing the Chec Medical Center and the Washington Readicare Medical Group and its physicians from all liability arising from injury to him while participating in the exam. During the exam, he did suffer an injury to his back and his right leg. Eelbode filed a suit against Chec and Grothe, claiming that he was injured because of a strength test that was improperly administered. Grothe and Chec filed a motion of summary judgment asking that the case be settled in their favor because of the statement that Eelbode signed. Should Eelbode be successful in his lawsuit?

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