Question: Evaluate an oral presentation given by a classmate or a

Evaluate an oral presentation given by a classmate or a speaker on your campus. Use the following categories:
1. Choosing an effective kind of presentation for the situation.
2. Adapting ideas to audience’s beliefs, experiences, and interests.
3. Using a strong opening and close.
4. Using visual aids or other devices to involve audience.
5. Providing a clear, unifying purpose.
6. Using specific, vivid supporting material and language.
7. Providing rebuttals to counterclaims or objections.
8. Providing an overview of main points.
9. Signposting main points in body of talk.
10. Providing adequate transitions between points and speakers.
11. Using an appropriate design or template.
12. Using standard edited English.
13. Being creative.
14. Making direct eye contact with audience.
15. Using voice effectively.
16. Using gestures effectively.
17. Handling questions effectively.
18. Positioning (not blocking screen)
As your instructor directs,
a. Fill out a form indicating your evaluation in each of the areas.
b. Share your evaluation orally with the speaker.
c. Write a memo to the speaker evaluating the presentation.
Send a copy of your memo to your instructor.

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