Question: Listen to a speaker talking about a controversial subject Go

Listen to a speaker talking about a controversial subject. (Go to a talk on campus or in town, or watch a speaker on a TV show like Face the Nation or 60 Minutes. ) Observe the way he or she handles questions.
About how many questions does the speaker answer?
What is the format for asking and answering questions?
Are the answers clear? responsive to the question? something that could be quoted without embarrassing the speaker and the organization he or she represents?
How does the speaker handle hostile questions? Does the speaker avoid getting angry? Does the speaker retain control of the meeting? How?
If some questions were not answered well, what (if anything) could the speaker have done to leave a better impression?
Did the answers leave the audience with a more or less positive impression of the speaker? Why?
As your instructor directs,
a. Share your evaluation with a small group of students.
b. Present your evaluation formally to the class.
c. Summarize your evaluation in a memo to your instructor.

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