Question: Evaluate each of the following questions Are they acceptable as

Evaluate each of the following questions. Are they acceptable as they stand? If not, how can they be improved?
a. Survey of clerical workers:
Do you work for the government?
or the private sector?
b. Questionnaire on grocery purchases:
1. Do you usually shop at the same grocery store?
a. Yes
b. No
2. Do you use credit cards to purchase items at your grocery store?
a. Yes
b. No
3. How much is your average grocery bill?
a. Under $25
b. $25–50
c. $50–100
d. $100–150
e. Over $150
c. Survey on technology:
1. Would you generally welcome any technological advancement that allowed information to be sent and received more quickly and in greater quantities than ever before?
2. Do you think that all people should have free access to all information, or do you think that information should somehow be regulated and monitored?
d. Survey on job skills:
How important are the following skills for getting and keeping a professional-level job in U.S. business and industry today?


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