Following are definitions or descriptions of terms relating to corporations and corporate stockholders’ equity.
(1) The first-time sale of a corporation’s stock to the general public
(2) A dollar value that has been assigned to each share of stock
(3) A ‘‘legal’’ being
(4) The maximum number of shares of stock that a corporation is permitted to sell
(5) The class of stock that normally has voting rights
(6) A document describing the basic nature of the corporate entity
(7) The number of shares of stock that has been sold by a corporation
(8) The ability of stockholders to maintain their proportionate ownership interest in a company when new issues of stock are made
(9) The number of shares of stock currently held by company’s shareholders
(10) The stock that has been issued and reacquired by a corporation
(11) Corporate shares that are typically cumulative
Match each definition or description with the appropriate term from the following list.
(a) Corporation
(b) Corporate charter
(c) Initial public offering
(d) Authorized stock
(e) Issued stock
(f) Outstanding stock
(g) Treasury stock
(h) Preferred stock
(i) Common stock
(j) Preemptive right
(k) Par value

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