Question: For each of the following independent situations calculate the missing

For each of the following independent situations, calculate the missing values:
1. The Belen plant purchased $78,300 of direct materials during June. Beginning direct materials inventory was $2,500, and direct materials used in production were $73,500. What is ending direct materials inventory?
2. Forster Company produced 14,000 units at an average cost of $5.90 each. The beginning inventory of finished goods was $3,422. (The average unit cost was $5.90.) Forster sold 14,120 units. How many units remain in ending finished goods inventory?
3. Beginning work in process (WIP) was $116,000, and ending WIP was $117,300. If total manufacturing costs were $349,000, what was the cost of goods manufactured?
4. If the conversion cost is $84 per unit, the prime cost is $55, and the manufacturing cost per unit is $105, what is the direct materials cost per unit?
5. Total manufacturing costs for August were $412,000. Prime cost was $64,000, and beginning WIP was $76,000. The cost of goods manufactured was $434,000. Calculate the cost of overhead for August and the cost of ending WIP.

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