Question: For each of the following scenarios use the current exchange

For each of the following scenarios, use the current exchange rates in The Wall Street Journal or from an Internet site such as to compute the required amount:
a. A Citroën automobile is advertised in France for 15,000 euros. What is the dollar equivalent of 15,000 euros?
b. Jackk’s food emporium is importing foreign hot sauce from Brazil for 7,000 reals. What is the dollar equivalent?
c. You are traveling on safari in South Africa and have brought $3,000 in spending money. How many South African rand will you receive for spending money?
d. While traveling in Europe, you cross the border between Germany and Switzerland. You have 150 euros left from your German travels when you spot a souvenir in a Swiss shop for 250 Swiss francs. Do you have enough spending money to buy the souvenir if you convert your euros to Swiss francs?

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