Question: For each separate case below follow the 3 step process for

For each separate case below, follow the 3-step process for adjusting the accrued revenue account: Step 1: Determine what the current account balance equals. Step 2: Determine what the current account balance should equal. Step 3: Record an adjusting entry to get from step 1 to step 2. Assume no other adjusting entries are made during the year.
a. Accounts Receivable. At year-end, the Krug Company has completed services of $19,000 for a client, but the client has not yet been billed for those services.
b. Interest Receivable. At year-end, the company has earned, but not yet recorded, $390 of interest earned from its investments in government bonds.
c. Accounts Receivable. A painting company collects fees when jobs are complete. The work for one customer, whose job was bid at $1,300, has been completed, but the customer has not yet been billed.

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