Question: For each term in the first column select the partial

For each term in the first column select the partial (or complete) definition or illustration. Each partial (or complete) definition or illustration may be used only once.
a. A report providing a summary of findings
b. A report providing reasonable assurance
c. An error
d. Financial reporting framework
e. Fraud
f. Inspection
g. Quality control elements
h. Registered public accounting firm
Partial (or Complete) Definition or Illustration
1. A CPA firm that may conduct only audits of public companies
2. A CPA firm that may conduct audits of public or non-public companies
3. Agreed-upon procedures report
4. A review of a CPA firm conducted by PCAOB
5. An independent peer review
6. An unintentional misstatement
7. Audit report
8. Generally accepted accounting principles
9. Generally accepted auditing standards
10. Human resources and monitoring
11. Independence and reasonable assurance
12. Misappropriation of assets
13. Review report

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