For each definition or partial definition in the first column
For each definition (or partial definition) in the first column below, identify the most closely related term. Each term may be used once or not at all.
Definition (or Partial Definition)
a. A subject-oriented, integrated collection of data used to support management decision-making processes.
b. A system in which like transactions are processed periodically as a group.
c. An environment in which a user department is responsible for developing, or purchasing and running, an IT system (application) with minimal or no support from the central information systems department.
d. A system that eliminates data redundancy and enforces data integrity by storing data separately from (outside) programs and that contains data for two or more IT applications.
e. Computer systems in different locations.
1. Batch processing
2. Data warehouse
3. Database system
4. Decentralized processing system
5. End user computing
6. Extranet
7. Operating system
8. System software

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