Question: For one or more of the following groups write two

For one or more of the following groups, write two or three paragraphs of psychological description that could be used in a brochure, news release, or direct mail message directed to members of that group.
1. Having a personal trainer.
Audiences: Professional athletes
Busy managers
Someone trying to lose weight
Someone making a major lifestyle
change after a heart attack
2. Volunteering time to a local charity event (you pick the charity) as part of a team from your workplace.
Audiences: Your workplace colleague
Your boss
Finance department
PR department
3. Using vending machines newly installed in school cafeterias and stocked with healthful snacks, such as yogurt, raisins, carrots with dip, and all-natural juices.
Audiences: High school students
High school faculty
4. Attending a fantasy sports camp (you pick the sport), playing with and against retired players who provide coaching and advice.
5. Attending a health spa where clients get low-fat and low-carb meals, massages, beauty treatments, and guidance in nutrition and exercise.
For this assignment, you can combine benefits or programs as if a single source offered them all.
Add specific details about particular sports, activities, and so on, as material for your description.
Be sure to use vivid details and sense impressions.
Phrase your benefits with you-attitude.

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