Question: Forrest Tucker the head statistician for the National Parks Service

Forrest Tucker, the head statistician for the National Parks Service, believes that park usage as measured by number of visitors (Y) is a function of the number of people who live within 200 miles of the park (X1), the number of camping hookups available (X2), and the mean annual temperature at the park (X3). For a sample of 200 parks under Forrest’s supervision, the following regression is calculated:
 = 147 + .0212X1 + 15.4X2 + 186X3
sb1 = .0157 sb2 = 12.4 sb3 = 10.4 R2 = .50 Adj. R2 = .43
For this regression, what can you tell Forrest? Write a one- page memo with your assessment.

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