Question: William Bent the drug control czar for the federal government

William Bent, the drug control czar for the federal government, is interested in the relationship between drug arrests for marijuana and drug arrests for more serious drugs. His concern is that increased enforcement might well be targeted at marijuana since it is so common. The only data that he has is the number of federal arrests for marijuana violations for each year since 1998 and the number of federal arrests for other drugs for each year. Unable to say no to his analyst, Bent agrees to review a regression equation with drug arrests as the independent variable and marijuana arrests as the dependent variable. The following regression is presented:
 = 205 + .315X r2 = .87 Sy|x= 481 sb = .017 n = 17
Interpret the slope, intercept, and coefficient of determination for this equation. Is the slope significant? If they expect to arrest 15,000 persons for serious drug violations next year, how many marijuana arrests can they expect?

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