Fortune Magazine publishes the top 100 companies to work for every year. Among the information listed is the percentage growth in jobs at each company. The period from 2009 to 2011 was a difficult one for job growth in the United States. The output below shows the regression of the 2012 job growth (%) on the 2010 job growth for those companies that appear on both years’ lists. (One outlier has been omitted.) Job Growth 2012 is the response variable (; accessed March 2012).
a) State the hypotheses about the slope (both numerically and in words).
b) Assuming that the assumptions for inference are satisfied, perform the hypothesis test and state your conclusion in context.
c) Explain what the R- squared in this regression means.
d) Do these results indicate that, in general, companies with a higher job growth in 2010 had a higher job growth in 2012? Explain.

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