Gamble Company convinced Conservative Corporation that the two companies should establish Simpletown Corporation to build a new gambling casino in Simpletown Corner. Although chances for the casino’s success were relatively low, a local bank loaned $140,000,000 to the new corporation, which built the casino at a cost of $130,000,000. Conservative purchased 100 percent of the initial capital stock offering for $5,600,000, and Gamble agreed to supply 100 percent of the management and guarantee the bank loan. Gamble also guaranteed a 20 percent return to Conservative on its investment for the first 10 years. Gamble will receive all profits in excess of the 20 percent return to Conservative. Immediately after the casino’s construction, Gamble reported the following amounts:
Cash............ $ 3,000,000
Buildings & Equipment..... 240,600,000
Accumulated Depreciation..... 10,100,000
Accounts Payable........ 5,000,000
Bonds Payable......... 20,300,000
Common Stock........ 103,000,000
Retained Earnings ....... 105,200,000
The only disclosure that Gamble currently provides in its financial reports about its relationships to Conservative and Simpletown is a brief footnote indicating that a contingent liability exists on its guarantee of Simpletown Corporation’s debt.

Prepare a consolidated balance sheet in good form for Gamble immediately following the casino’s construction.

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