General Mills uses process costing extensively. Access the text companion website by going to and entering the text author's name or ISBN in the search box, and clicking on the `Access Now' link under Study Tools. At the companion website, click on the link titled "Internet Exercise." Read the article for General Mills.

Answer the following questions while navigating General Mills's "A Champion's Code of Conduct":
1. What guidance is given to an employee who doesn't agree with the accounting method that a manager has requested be used?
2. What guidance are supervisors given on how to handle a request from an outsider, claiming to be working as a General Mills consultant, for information on employees' start dates, titles, and base salaries?
3. What guidance is given to an employee who was planning to make a General Mills stock trade prior to becoming aware of material nonpublic information?
4. What advice is given to an employee working in Europe who received an expensive gift from a supplier in recognition of a new contract?
5. What advice is given to an employee who was told that she had to pay a gratuity to a minor official to clear General Mills's products through customs?

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