Question: Go to the Web site for Time Warner www timewarner com Click

Go to the Web site for Time Warner ( Click on Investor Relations. Find and open the most recent annual report.
Answer the following questions:
1. Refer to Time Warner’s Statement of Income. What is the dollar amount of total revenues?
What categories comprise its total revenues? Which category constitutes the largest percentage of total revenues?
2. Refer to Time Warner’s Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements. Locate the footnote containing discussion of Time Warner’s revenue recognition policies. Does Time Warner use a single revenue recognition policy to account for all of its different revenue generating activities? Find the portion of the footnote that discusses the revenue recognition policy for publishing activities. When does Time Warner recognize revenue from magazines? How does it account for subscriptions paid for in advance?
3. How much is Time Warner’s “unearned revenue”? What does it represent and where is it found in the financial statements?
4. Does Time Warner prepare its income statement using the cash or accrual basis? What items on the balance sheet are clues to answering this question?
5. Do you think Time Warner is a profit-seeking organization? What clues on the financial statements help you answer this?

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