Question: Go to the website of the University of Saskatchewan www usask ca reporting

Go to the website of the University of Saskatchewan ( Search for the 2012 financial statements and answer the following questions. For each question, indicate where in the financial statements or annual report you found the answer and/or provide a brief explanation. Round percentages to one decimal point and other ratios to two decimal points.
(a) What accounting policy was used for reporting contributions?
(b) What percentage of total revenue came from government grants? Tuition fees? Donations?
(c) What was the ratio of scholarship expense to tuition fee revenue?
(d) Did the university report any pledges receivable and, if so, for how much? What amount is not expected to be collected within one year?
(e) What percentage of total expenses was spent on educating the students, and what was spent on research during the period? List the items you include for each category.
(f) What was the total value of endowment funds at the end of the year? What portion of the endowment funds is designated for scholarships? For research?
(g) What method of reporting was used for investments in the various funds? What was the unrealized gain or loss from these investments during the year and how were these gains or losses reported?
(h) What was the average cost for the university to graduate a student?

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