Grant Company acquired all of Bedford Corporation s assets and liabilities
Grant Company acquired all of Bedford Corporation’s assets and liabilities on January 1,20X2, in a business combination. At that date, Bedford reported assets with a book value of $624,000 and liabilities of $356,000. Grant noted that Bedford had $40,000 of capitalized research and development costs on its books at the acquisition date that did not appear to be of value. Grant also determined that patents developed by Bedford had a fair value of $120,000 but had not been recorded by Bedford. Except for buildings and equipment, Grant determined the fair value of all other assets and liabilities reported by Bedford approximated the recorded amounts. In recording the transfer of assets and liabilities to its books, Grant recorded goodwill of $93,000. Grant paid $517,000 to acquire Bedford’s assets and liabilities. If the book value of Bedford’s buildings and equipment was $341,000 at the date of acquisition, what was their fair value?

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