Hendry s Boutique is a retail clothing store for women The
Hendry’s Boutique is a retail clothing store for women. The store operates out of a rented building in Storm Lake, Iowa. Shown below is the store’s adjusted year-end trial balance dated December 31, 2011.

a. Prepare an income statement for Hendry’s Boutique dated December 31, 2011.
b. Compute the store’s gross profit margin as a percentage of net sales.
c. Do the store’s customers seem to be satisfied with their purchases? Defend your answer.
d. Explain how you can tell that the business records inventory purchases net of any purchase discounts.
e. The store reports sales taxes payable of $3,200 in its adjusted trial balance. Explain why it does not report any sales taxes expense.
f. Which accounts appearing in the store’s adjusted trial balance comprise its operatingcycle?
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