Identify a specific gender oriented communication that has funda
Identify a specific gender-oriented communication that has fundamentally changed between when your grandparents were your age and now...and between when your parents were your age and now.
a. Explain how this has changed over time? What were the gender oriented expectations that were established at these different times? How were violators / violations perceived at the time, compared with how they are perceived now?
b. Explain how your grandparents and parents communicated their perspectives to you regarding their expectations. How did they differ from each other? How did they differ / evolve, if at all, over time?
c. Explain how your grandparents / parents would explain the rationale for their expectations, as it was then, according to the different ideas on gender. Describe how you would explain the current perspective on their rules, as you experience it now.
d. From the perspective of these theories outlined above, explain what you believe were the most critical factors that influenced the changes in perspectives on this "rule" over time. Are there any aspects of this “rule” that you believe are “stable” across generations?
e. What are the vital "insights to be gained" and/or "lessons to be learned" from your understanding of these different theoretical perspectives on gender and your consideration of how perspectives evolve over time?

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