In a recent Corporate Responsibility Report Nike Inc lists several
In a recent Corporate Responsibility Report, Nike, Inc., lists several sustainability goals and commitments it has made. In the following list from Nike’s CR Report, categorize each goal (or measurement) as to whether it is oriented toward the economic, environ-mental, or society component of the triple bottom line.

Nike, Inc., CR Report— Selected Stated Goals and Commitments
a. Build an advocacy agenda to push for large-scale policies to help achieve global economic competitiveness for Nike.
b. Achieve 17 percent reduction in waste generated by footwear production from a 2006 baseline.
c. Develop scalable solutions to enable Nike’s evolution to a closed- loop business model in the current economy to maximize profits.
d. Maintain current amount of petroleum- derived solvents grams per pair of shoes (maintain the 95 percent reduction from the 1995 baseline).
e. Implement Human Resources Management program in all factories.
f. Increase use of Environmentally Preferred Methods in the production of footwear by 22 percent.
g. Promote multi- brand collaboration on improving working conditions in the global supply chain, covering 30 percent of factory locations.
h. Deliver 30 percent absolute reduction in CO2 emissions from 2003 by 2020.
i. Nike brand facilities and business travel are to be climate neutral.
j. Make investing in environmentally-sustainable (green) ventures a priority.
Economic, Environmental, orSociety?
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