In a recent survey of 600 top executives (240 CEOs, 210 CFOs, and the remainder COOs), each executive was asked to answer the question, “Is the economic policy of the current Administration generally a help or a hindrance to economic growth?” Overall, 64% of the survey participants said it was a help. The remaining 36% said it was a hindrance. You note that 38% of the participants were CEOs who said it was a help. You also note that 80% of the CFOs in the survey said it was a hindrance.
a. What percentage of participants in the survey are COOs who answered “hindrance”?
b. What percentage of those who responded “help” are CFOs?
c. Based on survey results, if you randomly chose a CEO from the survey, how likely is it that he/she responded “hindrance”?
d. According to the data, are “opinion” and “executive title” statistically independent. Explain.

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