Question: In April 2013 President Obama s approval rating was 52 Suppose

In April 2013, President Obama’s approval rating was 52%. Suppose the White House staff was concerned that the rating had fallen due to the administration’s handling of the government’s debt crisis during the summer of 2013. Let’s say that out of a random sample of 300 adults, 144 approved of President Obama’s performance during the summer of 2013. Using σ = 0.05, answer the following questions.
a. State the null and alternative hypothesis.
b. Based on this sample, what conclusions can be drawn for this test?
c. Determine the p value for this test and interpret its meaning.
d. Verify your results using PHStat
e. How would the conclusions be affected if the White House chose to use σ = 0.10 rather than σ = 0.05.

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