Question: In Chapter 11 we visited Circuit Systems Inc a company

In Chapter 11, we visited Circuit Systems, Inc., a company that was concerned about the effectiveness of its new program for reducing the cost of absenteeism among hourly workers. Besides allowing employees to be paid for unused sick leave, the program also pays $200 toward membership in a local health club for those employees who wish to join. Thomas Nelson, who introduced the new program, has collected data describing the 233 employees who have been with the company for both the year preceding the new program and the year following its implementation. The information Mr. Nelson has collected is in the CIRCUIT data fi le, and the variables and description of his program are as described in Circuit Systems, Inc. (A), in Chapter 11.
1. Repeat Question 1 from the Circuit Systems (A) case, but use the Wilcoxon signed rank test for paired samples instead of the dependent-samples t-test in comparing the two years in terms of days missed before and after the new program was implemented.
2. Repeat Question 2 from the Circuit Systems (A) case, but use the Wilcoxon signed rank test for paired samples. Be sure to keep in mind that the goal of the program is to reduce the cost of absenteeism, and that you will need to either create two new variables or utilize the ones you created in the earlier case. See the discussion and hints in the Circuit Systems (A) case questions regarding these variables.
3. Repeat Question 3 from the Circuit Systems (A) case, but use an appropriate nonparametric statistical test from this chapter in evaluating the effectiveness of the exercise program.

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