Question: In the case of Casteneda v Partida it was found

In the case of Casteneda v. Partida, it was found that during a period of 11 years in Hidalgo County, Texas, 870 people were selected for grand jury duty and 39% of them were Americans of Mexican ancestry. Among the people eligible for grand jury duty, 79.1% were Americans of Mexican ancestry. Use a 0.01 significance level to test the claim that the selection process is biased against Americans of Mexican ancestry. Does the jury selection system appear to be fair?
Test the given claim. Identify the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, test statistic, P-value or critical value(s), conclusion about the null hypothesis, and final conclusion that addresses the original claim. Use the P-value method unless your instructor specifies otherwise. Use the normal distribution as an approximation to the binomial distribution.

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