In what major ways have information systems in business changed
In what major ways have information systems in business changed during the last 40 years? What is one major change you think will happen in the next 10 years? Refer to Figure to help you answer.
The Expanding Roles of IS in Business and Management
Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence: 2000s–2010s
Enterprisewide common-interface applications data mining and data visualization, customer relationship management, supply-chain management
Electronic Business and Commerce: 1990s–2000s
Internet-based e-business and e-commerce systems
Web-enabled enterprise and global e-business operations and electronic commerce on the Internet, intranets, extranets, and other networks
Strategic and End-User Support: 1980s–1990s
End-user computing systems
Direct computing support for end-user productivity and workgroup collaboration
Executive information systems
Critical information for top management
Expert systems
Knowledge-based expert advice for end users
Strategic information systems
Strategic products and services for competitive advantage
Decision Support: 1970s–1980s
Decison support systems
Interactive ad hoc support of the managerial decision-making process
Management Reporting: 1960s–1970s
Management information systems
Management reports of prespecified information to support decision making
Data Processing: 1950s–1960s
Electronic data processing systems
Transaction processing, record-keeping, and traditional accounting applications

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