Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or
Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by writing T or F in the answer column.
1. A person’s legal birthday is the same as the day on which his or her birthday is celebrated. 1. __________
2. An emancipated minor’s contracts for necessaries are valid. 2. __________
3. A contract with a minor can be ratified by either party. 3. __________
4. Upon reaching legal age, a minor must ratify earlier completed contracts in writing.
4. __________
5. A minor is responsible for his or her torts and crimes. 5. __________
6. Contracts made while a person is intoxicated are voidable by either party.
6. __________
7. A person who is of legal age and at least normal mentality is considered a competent party. 7. __________
8. A contract made by a person while intoxicated must be ratified in writing within 30 days. 8. __________
9. A minor is considered emancipated, and hence responsible for his or her contracts, upon marriage. 9. __________
10. The responsibility of determining whether or not a person is competent rests with anyone who enters into a contract with the person. 10. __________
11. The law regards actions of minors that result in emancipation as abandonment.
11. __________
12. A minor’s disaffirmance must be in writing to be effective. 12. __________
13. Ratification of a minor’s contracts must be in writing to be effective. 13. __________
14. In some states a minor may avoid a contract, even if he or she falsely represented himself or herself. 14. __________
15. A contract ratification must apply to the entire contract. 15. __________
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