Question: Indicate whether each of the following would be an assumption

Indicate whether each of the following would be an assumption or a limitation in a formal report.
a. Report on Ways to Encourage More Students to Join XYZ Organization
1. I surveyed a judgment sample rather than a random sample.
2. These recommendations are based on the attitudes of current students. Presumably, students in the next several years will have the same attitudes and interests.
b. Report on the Feasibility of Building Hilton Hotels in Romania
1. This report is based on the expectation that the country will be politically stable.
2. All of my information is based on library research. The most recent articles were published two months ago; much of the information was published a year ago or more. Therefore some of my information may be out of date.
c. Report on Car-Buying Preferences of Young Adults
1. These recommendations may change if the cost of gasoline increases dramatically or if there is another deep recession.
2. This report is based on a survey of adults ages 20 to 24 in California, Texas, Illinois, Ontario, and Massachusetts.
3. These preferences are based on the cars now available. If a major technical or styling innovation occurs, preferences may change.

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