Question: Indicate whether each statement below is i always true ii

Indicate whether each statement below is (i) always true, (ii) sometimes true, or (iii) never true. For those that are (ii) sometimes true, explain when the statement is true.
a. Columns in a systems flowchart denote areas of responsibility.
b. Flowcharts are focused on business documents.
c. Flowcharts should include off-page connectors for easier reading.
d. Monthly bank reconciliations ensure that no one embezzles cash.
e. Once designed, flowcharts do not need to be revised.
f. On-page connectors help keep flowcharts uncluttered and easy to read.
g. Process symbols should be sandwiched between an input and an output.
h. The first step in drawing a flowchart is to decide which software package to use.
i. Two designers would independently create identical flowcharts for the same business process.
j. Visio is the best tool for drawing flowcharts.

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