Question: It s naive to treat international as one big market particularly within

“It’s naive to treat ‘international’ as one big market—particularly within OTC,” explains Marti Morfitt, president and CEO of CNS, the company that manufactures Breathe Right® nasal strips. “There are many discrete, unique markets, and local expertise is needed to understand the dynamics within each and address them effectively.”
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages for CNS taking Breathe Right strips into international markets?
What are the advantages to CNS OF?
(a) Using its three-stage process to enter new global markets and
(b) Having specific criteria to move through the stages?
2. Using the CNS criteria, with what you know, which countries should have highest priority for CNS?
3. Which single segment of potential Breathe Right strip users would you target to enter new markets?
4. Which marketing mix variables should CNS emphasize the most to succeed in a global arena? Why?

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